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Butterfly Co. Entertainment Technologies. A corporate guild specialising in designing, building and testing new products and services based on geoinformatics technologies and spatial interaction engineering.

Butterfly Co. Entertainment Technologies.,
Wojska Polskiego 22 B, 58-200 Dzierżoniów, Poland,
NIP: 8821948224, REGON: 364721520, D-U-N-S®: 421878044,

Tel. +48 794 001 996,

The Butterfly logo is registered under patent UPRP/Z416421.
The Butterfly technology and the way it works are protected by UPRP document P.404459 WIPO ST 10/CPL404459 and are the intellectual property of the creator.

Butterfly BRI (Complex B)under construction - 15% +12%🠥

Craft Guild
Schwarze Löwe (Black Lion)
IT, Spatial interaction engineering
Cezar Swancar (Marawel)
1 (
1 715 555 €+25 000 €🠥 (2023)

Butterfly Laboratory

The company's main products are interactive music platforms with associated application software to generate interactive music and other in-motion interactions with sports support.

CRAFTCREST.comoperational - 100%🠥
HOLOCREST.comunder construction - 11% +5%🠥

Spatial interactions, holograms
2 ( [cn: Aer(((on], [cn: Terra(((on])


Cezar Swancar (born 25 February 1987 in Dzierżoniów - Lower Silesia Province, in southwestern Poland) - Senior Class Craft Master in the Butterfly Co., known professionally as Marawel (also Mara Wel; cz. Marevel), Histrio, Mimus, Mirio, Sapiens - Civis of the Schwarzer Löwe coat of arms.

Polish scientist and creator of complex music and sports environments based on spatial interactions for movement activities with sports support.
Researcher - programmer of digital interactions and flat holograms. Theorist of spatial holograms.
In addition, Marawel is involved in traveling, composing, writing and painting.

Designer, programmer, composer
C sharp, java, python
Electronic, minimal, interactive